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Yamba (including Angourie)
Attractive fishing village and holiday destination on the far north coast.
Located 682 km north- east of Sydney, 18 km north-east of Maclean and 29 m above sea-level, Yamba is a quiet seaside town on the southern side of the Clarence River estuary. Opposite, on the northern side of the river mouth, is Iluka.

Yamba is economically driven by its substantial fishing fleet (the Clarence River is a major source of the nation’s seafood) and its capacity to draw those looking for a relatively quiet holiday destination beside the sea. Of course, some of those leisure-seekers are also drawn by the fish.

Yamba has a number of beaches which are ideal for swimming and surfing. Yamba Beach (patrolled in summer) is the main beach in town. It has a rock pool for safe swimming and is located on the southern side of the South Head lighthouse, below Flinders Park. On the other side of the lighthouse (nestled in the elbow formed by the junction of South Head and the eastern side of the main breakwall) is Turner’s Beach which is also patrolled in summer. Whiting Beach is a stillwater river beach which is suitable for young children. It extends from the western side of the breakwall out along the sand spit known as Hickey Island. Convent Beach extends eastwards from the rock pool at the eastern edge of Yamba Beach to Yamba Point. On the other side of Yamba Point is Pippi Beach (also patrolled in summer) which extends south to Angourie.

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